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Hold Me Tight®:

The Breakthrough Couples Intensive to Improve Communication,

Deepen Connection, Stop Negative Patters, and Rekindle Love and Affection

Virtual Reviews

Feedback from our therapist helpers:

"I was so moved by the incredible progress I saw in the couples... it was powerful, emotionally safe, engaging, and informative. Debi and Alan are so passionate about what they do, and bring everything to the table".

"Debi and Alan are exceptionally gifted teachers of Emotionally Focused Therapy. Their genuineness created an environment that allowed couples to have deep, meaningful conversations".

"I'm getting all choked up thinking about what a powerful, emotional experience it was for me. You all showing up the way you did was inspiring".

"It was emotional, educational, moving and will help me in my relationship as well as helping me become a better EFT therapist".

"I was inspired by the experience of HMT. It was a powerful experience for me as I watched couples take risks and grow. Being invited into their conversations was like standing on sacred ground...".<-

"Being a helper at HMT gave me an injection of vulnerability that I will take home to my own relationship...".

"The workshop is a fantastic experience. Alan and Debi do an amazing job connecting with the participants and providing an experiential weekend that is truly life changing even when the event is held virtually. As a practicing therapist, I have no hesitation referring my clients to these events whether virtual or live".

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Here's what our couples had to say:

"I'm putting my wedding band back on!"

"This experience was transformational. It far exceeded our expectations."

"We learned more in these two days than all the years of couples therapy."

"We are thrilled with the results. We were so stuck. Now we can go forward."

"I didn't know it was even possible for my husband to open up the way he did."

"We don't feel so powerless anymore. We know how to help each other."

"This weekend solved our 32 year argument. We got the tools to work it out."

"It was so beautiful and inspirational to see other couples working hard to save their marriage. We feel so grateful. "

"We were stuck in a rut of conflict and didn't know how to get out of it, even though we love each other. Now we do."

"We feel like we just unpacked an emotional bag that we've been carrying around for 50 years - and it means the world to us."

"I had decided to get a divorce. I don't want a divorce anymore."

Since we started offering virtual workshops, we've had couples join us from Oregon, Iowa, Michigan, Wyoming, Florida, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.   They really enjoyed having the comforts of home while working on their relationships.