Daily Schedule and Topics

Day 1:

 8:30 am  Registration - Continental Breakfast with Coffee and Tea Provided

 9:00 am  Introductions of Workshop Leaders

 9:30 am  The New Science of Love:  Attachment as the Map to Secure and Loving Relationships.

 11:00 am  Conversation 1:  How Love Goes Wrong:  The Demon Dialogues:  Three Common                           Negative Cycles and How to Change Them                                             

 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm  Lunch (on your own)

 2:30 pm  Conversation 2:  Identifying Our Emotional Raw Spots That Can Trigger Conflict

 4:00 pm  Conversation 3:  Revisiting a Rocky Moment               

 5:30 pm  End of Day Wrap Up

Day 2:

8:45 am   Welcome Back - Continental Breakfast with Coffee and Tea Provided

9:00 am   Conversation 4:  Forgiving Injuries:  Healing from Past Hurts and Moving On

11:00 am   Conversation 5:  Bonding Through Nonsexual and Sexual Touch

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm   Lunch (on your own)

1:00 pm   Conversation 6:  Hold Me Tight:  Deepening Our Attachment Bond       

2:30 pm   Conversation 7:  Keeping Your Love Alive:  How to Maintain Connection and Intimacy


3:30 pm   Letters to Partners, Evaluations and Wrap Up

4:30 pm   End of Workshop (Time Approximate)

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Hold Me Tight Couples Workshop:  Format & Schedule

Our Format is Simple 
First, we meet as a group (25 - 30 couples) and your workshop leaders present a topic.  We show movie and TV clips to demonstrate common relationship issues.  We then discuss new tools, based on Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), that you can use to address these issues in your own relationship.  We show videos of couples working with Susan Johnson, the developer of EFT and the Hold Me Tight Workshop, learning to use the tools to look at their own relationship.  We keep the presentations short, and then we provide time for couples to have specific conversations in private that will help them with those issues.  We have therapists standing by who are available to help you at your request.  We then meet up again as a group and those couples who want to share their experience are invited to do so.  Other couples prefer not to share and that is perfectly fine.  After some discussion, we move on to the next relationship topic, and repeat the process.  

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